Using outdated apps or templates and plugins for them, or using very simple passwords always poses a threat to your Internet sites since these things make it significantly easier hack them. Things can get even worse when you have multiple Internet sites as all of them will be in danger if an attacker takes over only one of them. For this reason we have introduced JailHost - an advanced level security option that isolates websites from each other. If an Internet site gets compromised, the attacker will not be able to find or gain access to any other content outside the site folder, so all other sites part of the account will be protected and will be intact. The JailHost option won't replace doing frequent script updates or using complex passwords, but it will minimize any damage to your Internet sites significantly, so you'll need to fix only one site instead of all of them.

JailHost in Cloud Hosting

JailHost is available as a standard with all the cloud hosting packages that we offer and you can enable it with just a click in your Hepsia Control Panel. Unlike other Control Panels where add-on domains keep their content in the main domain folder, each and every domain or subdomain in Hepsia has its very own folder, so using JailHost will make a big difference. You can select which websites will use this feature and will be locked based on your content as you could have some Internet site where you prefer to allow users or administrators to access other folders inside your hosting account. Nevertheless, this feature will add an extra level of security to your Internet sites together with the firewalls that we use and even if any of your websites gets hacked, you could recover it really easy using any one of the several daily backups of your entire account which we'll generate.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you have a semi-dedicated server account, you'll be able to activate JailHost with a few clicks from your Hepsia Control Panel since we've included this option in all of our semi-dedicated plans. It isn't activated by default for the reason that you might use an application that needs accessibility to other folders within the account and JailHost could cause problems, but you can protect all other sites by isolating them from each other. It is very simple as in Hepsia all domains and subdomains have separate folders. In comparison, numerous other Control Panels store the content of multiple sites in subfolders under a primary domain, so just one hacked Internet site there will mean that all of them will be hacked. With Hepsia, only one site can get damaged and even if this happens, we will quickly recover it using the multiple daily backups which we will keep, which means that you can go ahead and update it afterwards to protect it from potential future intrusions.